Mesa Boogie 2x10 Subway Ultra-Lite Diagonal Bass Cabinet - Black

Mesa Boogie

The Compact Solution for Players who Prefer the Midrange Articulation and Focus of 10s

The 2x10 is the compact solution for players who prefer the midrange articulation and focus of 10s, but need a smaller option than the classic 4x10. Combining two allows a more portable solution than one heavier quad-box and the ability to take one for rehearsal or small venues and two for gigs with louder bands or in bigger venues. Using the 2x10 in combination with a 1x12 or 1x15 imparts color, articulation and iconic midrange punch along with more volume. Built with all the same woods, aircraft-style bracing and Tri-Port™ porting, the 2x10 Ultra-Lite brings another key voice to the modular approach in compact, lightweight Bass Cabinetry.

  • Cabinet Material: Light-Weight Italian Poplar
  • Standard Finish Options (no extra cost): Choice of Black Bronco or Black Taurus Vinyl with Black Metal Grille
  • Corner Material: Lexan
  • Custom Finish Options: See Custom Finish Gallery
  • Styletype: Tuned Front Ported Tri-Porting™ (2 x 5.25 square x 4" deep / port area = 30.25 sq. in.)
  • Cabinet Internal Volume: 2.96CF
  • Speakers Mounting Position: Subway Neodymium Speakers / Front Mounted
  • High Frequency Horn: Yes
  • Horn Control: Premium Attenuator
  • Inputoutput Connectors: 2 x SpeakOn-1/4" (NL-4 combo)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (only)
  • Minimum Impedance @Frequency: 7.90 ohms (@21Hz)
  • Average Sensitivity (RMS) 50hz-1000hz: 98.1dB/1W/1M
  • Average Mechanical Power (RMS) 50hz-1000hz: 500 Watts
  • Minimum Mechanical Power (RMS) @Frequency: 425 Watts (@81.3Hz)
  • Low Freq F3 (Hz): 53.6 Hz
  • Low Freq F6 (Hz): 48.0 Hz
  • Low Freq F10 (Hz): 42.1 Hz
  • High Freq Response: >12kHz
  • Transport Assistance: Optional (sold separately) - Track-Loc™ Removable Casters
  • Additional Features: n/a
  • Slip Cover: Included - Fitted Slip Cover

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