PDP PDDPCOD Concept Series Direct-Drive Double Pedal.


Power, Speed & Precision — This Direct-drive Double Pedal Has It All

The Concept Series Direct-Drive Double Pedal represents the pinnacle of PDP and DW's exhaustive artist research. Feel, power, speed, response — it's all here in this high-performance double pedal. The PDDPCOD's direct-drive twin cams supply a nearly 1:1 expression of input to output — which means no loss of energy or motion when you're cresting 300 bpm. Thanks to the PDDPCOD's split-shaft design, you get a totally independent response from both sides of the pedal. So, whether you're playing machine-gun doubles or downtempo fours-on-the-floor, the PDP Concept Series double pedal doesn't compromise on feel. Extended XF longboards with needle-bearing hinges and handsome brushed aluminum footboards offer up loads of dynamic range and plenty of room for slide doubles. Meanwhile, dual-post side supports really help channel power and speed from your feet directly to the PDDPCOD's lightweight Control Beaters for the ultimate in player precision. Underneath, you get stabilizing solid base plates and an offset hoop clamp for fast, knuckle-saving hoop attachment and removal. There's even a DW drum key secured right to the base plates — the only tool you'll need to link, break down, and customize this pedal.


Category: Bass Drum Pedal, PDP

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