Yamaha Recording Custom 5.5x14" Wood Snare Drum - Wood


The Yamaha Recording Custom Snare Drums carry on the sound and design players have come to love since it was first introduced in the 70's. Recording Custom drums use Birch with a 30 degree bearing edge creating a shell that offers sensitivity, response and a wide tuning range no matter what head choices the player makes.

One piece lugs allows the birch to achieve a crisp articulate tone with maximum sustain. The hoops and strainer deliver solid and stable tuning and operation even under heavy regular use.

Recording Custom Drums are favorite among players at all levels because of the long durable life and versatility of sound.

  • Shells - 6ply 6mm Birch
  • 30 degree bearing edge / R1.5
  • One piece lug
  • Snare Strainer - Q Type release side with DC3 Butt side
  • Snares - 25 strand high carbon steel
  • Model #: RBS-1455

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    Type: Snare Drums