Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 6.5x14" Snare Drum - Maple


Tour Custom: The versatility, projection and dynamic range is what professional drummers around the world have come to expect from Yamaha Drums with no compromise on the finish quality. All-maple shells give Tour Custom drums their warm, open tone. These shells are designed with a 6-ply, 5.6 mm / 45º bearing edge that adds tonal depth and quick response and a great balance of snare sensitivity and wide, dynamic range. Finished with a beautiful satin lacquer that maximizes the sonic potential of the maple shell, Tour Custom snare drums provide a classic Yamaha maple snare sound with perfect sensitivity for any genre of music. The 2.3 mm inverse DynaHoop controls the natural overtones inherent to all-maple drums and focuses the fundamental tone of the shell creating a comfortable, solid back beat and smooth cross stick perfect for any room or studio. Yamaha absolute lugs with single-point mounting provide the perfect balance of open tone with controlled attack. Compact, lightweight strainer with a smooth, simple and reliable design, and dual snare tension adjustment for fine snare fine-tuning.
  • Model #: TMS1465
  • 100% maple shell
  • 2.3 mm Inverse DynaHoop
  • Absolute Lugs
  • P-Type strainer

Collections: Drums & Percussion

Category: Drum Kit, Snare, Yamaha

Type: Snare Drums