Audio-Technica 2000 Series ATW-2110a Wireless System


The Audio-Technica ATW-2110a Wireless UHF Body-Pack Microphone System bridges the gap between affordable wireless technology and professional level quality. The system operates on UHF frequencies over the 487.125 to 506.500 MHz band, and includes the ATW-T210 UniPak body-pack transmitter and ATW-R2100 diversity UHF receiver.

The ATW-R2100 receiver features True Diversity operation which selects between two receiver sections, reducing dropouts and radio frequency interference. The receiver features 10 user selectable UHF frequencies, allowing 10 systems to be used simultaneously. Single touch frequency scanning automatically selects clear frequencies in the area. The rear panel features a balanced XLR output and unbalanced 1/4" phone connection. A back-lit LCD provides channel, AF, RF and diversity status information.

The ATW-T210 UniPak transmitter is a lightweight body pack microphone transmitter that operates on the same frequencies as the receiver. The transmitter features a 4-pin Hirose connection input that is compatible with Audio-Technica "CW" lavaliers and head worn microphones, and select instrument cables. The transmitter operates up to 9 hours on two 1.5V AA batteries.


      Serious advances in affordable professional wireless

      Clear sound quality and rock-solid, dependable performance

      Automatic frequency scanning

      10 compatible user-switchable channels in one of two UHF frequency ranges

      Antenna power available for powered antennas & other in-line RF devices

      True Diversity operation selects the better signal from the two receiver sections, reducing dropouts

      Tone Lock tone squelch system fights interference

      Rugged metal half-rack receiver with soft-touch controls and LCD display

      Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" output jacks enable use with a wide variety of audio gear

      Switchable transmitter power output with high and low settings offered

      Includes rack-mount kit and detachable UHF antennas

      Ground-lift switch helps eliminate audible hum caused by ground loops between the sound system and receiver

    ATW-T220a Handheld Microphone/Transmitter features PRO 41 Capsule for maximum feedback rejection and consistent sound

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